Adulting in the time of Hellweather

A new video, an old video and some grumbling about adulthood

Best beloveds,

It is that time of year in Delhi when I seriously question my life choices. Was it to slowly melt and trickle away into nonexistence as I sit still under the fan on full that I went and got four degrees and established myself as an independent adult? Should I just… leave? Should I try and grow gills? Also, why did I buy into that terribly false marketing about adulthood? (Yup, still cranky about that, though much more functional.)

Representative image of me sitting still under the fan

We’re busy being busy bees here at fatso, even if we may or may not have missed our deadline to start planning season 3. How do you guys like our videos? We put a new one up on Sunday, about health at every size, something we are quite tired of having to explain to comment trolls. Tell us thoughts! And, you know, please subscribe, comment, share, errr watch the videos? This one was particularly painful because I did a stupid thing and um deleted the entire edited video before I added music. Welp. That was a fun Saturday. Speaking of videos, we’d almost forgotten about these ancient Girl Talk ones, but upon review they are quite fun.

It was an intense week for me because I ended up reprocessing some old trauma I thought I had finished with, and, of course, I wrote a blog post about it :D And I made a meme, which, honestly, I think is the high point of my achievements last week.

That’s about all the exciting information we have for you today, so off you go and have a lovely week. May the AC be optimal, the work be inspiring, and the drinks be perfect. (But also, please forward this to one person? Tell someone about the podcast? The awesome reels and memes?)


Ameya (& Pallavi)