Adulting like a small, weak kitten

In which Ameya talks about depression, sends you some blog posts and an early video, and makes an appeal

Best beloveds,

It has been a painful week. I talked about it a little in the blog post on Saturday. You see, I have depression, and sometimes when it arrives I just kind of need to go dormant. Alas the modern world doesn’t have much space for that! I can’t express how grateful I am that I have Pallavi to take over running the house and generally be backup when I need to disappear into myself and read thirteen books in four days.

One of the strange things about being depressed is how people ask you what happened, and I kind of want to answer, “Nothing! But, also, everything?” Nothing new came to me or my life the day I slipped into le sad, as I like to call it, and I can’t put my finger on any trigger. This is partly why it’s so difficult to explain depression—though I suppose it’s one way to tell the difference between sadness and depression, because sadness usually has a trigger.

However! Before I trigger all of you into bad places, let me tell you that this week had arrived with a little more spring in my step, and the ability to adult a little bit.

So what have we been up to? Well there’s that blog post I linked above. We (by which I mean I) did not put out a reel this week, but I am particularly fond of the one we used to launch the episode last weekend. Have you watched any of our early videos? Forgive the terrible editing—we were very new to it—but this one where we wonder why men send dick pics might make you laugh. Here’s a link to an older blog post in a much happier state of mind (a reminder perhaps that life is full of cycles, one day up, another day down, the only guarantee is that you’ll move on from here at some point).

I’m going to end by asking you to help up with something. We’re assuming you subscribe because you think we have something valuable to say (or you love our GIF game??). When we started this podcast, we really wanted to be the voice we needed to hear in our past lives, and we truly hope the podcast can reach as many people who need it as possible. So, please help us by sending an episode you like to someone you know today. Even better, spam them with sign up links to the newsletter and all our social media! It will really help—we all trust word of mouth of everything else.

And now, off I go, to (sob) adult.


Ameya (&Pallavi)