And so it begins

A new year, and more fatsopodcast for you!

Greetings from the fatsos!

First, thank you for signing up! 

To recap recent(ish) events, we launched Season 2 in October, with a focus on more of the internal effects of being fat. The trailer is here. Episode one just looked back on all we'd learned in season 1, and Episode 2 talked about fatphobia and fat liberation. Episode 3, the last one before we paused, looked at the mental health consequences of being fat in a fatphobic world. That was a tough one you guys...

Then we had to pause because we decided to part ways with Suno India. This meant we had to set up everything from scratch again! But it was worth it because we now have a website, a podcast feed that we control, and, of course, this newsletter! Yays all around!

This does mean that if you subscribed to us on a podcast app, you will need to delete that subscription and resubscribe from here. We know, it's annoying, but what to do?

We have been blogging through the pause though, so you can catch up with the posts here, and also look up our Instagram lives on fatness in popular culture, Lizzo and her juice cleanse, finding clothes as fatsos, and what we think of new year resolutions.

Gearing up for the relaunch of Season 2, we're doing a little online party (if you want an invite, just reply to this email) on Sunday the 10th at 7pm. The episode goes live at 5pm, as always. 

We're very excited about this new phase and we have many plans! If you love the podcast, please like, share, review, comment, subscribe, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium… y'all know what the world of digital content is like. 


Ameya and Pallavi