Down with adulting!

In which we have a new YouTube video, and Ameya cries about being an adult

Best beloveds,

I’ve been in the most awful funk lately. I feel like I’ve come to the end of my tether and I am just DONE with all the bullshit. Whose bullshit you ask? EVERYBODY’S!!!!

To that end I did write a nice long ranty blog post, in which I resign from adulting, and which you might enjoy. I have to say, even though I did have a fairly indulgent weekend, I am still quite resentful of having to adult today. Sometimes I wonder if the problem is how we define adulting and adulthood… I was catching up with a friend last night and he told me about talking to some of the assembly line workers that he was supervising about whether they were happy. It turned out that, even though they did not make enough money for what is considered a comfortable lower middle class life, they were happy because they had hobbies. And when they asked my friend what his hobbies were, he was left standing there without an answer. Maybe the problem we have today is that we think of adulting as only being the things we do to earn money and keep our lives running. For more pontification, read that blog post!

The most exciting thing that did happen this weekend was that our second Fat. So? Tube video dropped! Yes, that’s right, now you can hear and see us while we hold forth on all things fatso. Just subscribe to our YouTube channel! This time it was about body positivity and fat liberation, the difference between them, and where Pallavi and I stand on the subject. And, ya know, if you enjoy the videos or believe in what we do, go on and spam your friends and family with them :D The only way we can break fatphobia is to get everyone to notice it!

In other things we did last week, I made this reel, and had a ridiculous amount of fun doing so. Confession: I keep watching it because it makes me giggle. I wish I really could just vanish when someone is being annoying AF about fat or feminism or whatever. Pallavi put up the most glorious photo and made this very handy guide to figuring out the nuances between body positivity and fat liberation.

It’s now June, and you’ll be thrilled to hear I’m sure that we are planning season 3! God save us… Until next week then! (I’m giving you a break from the social handles this time… :D)


Ameya (& Pallavi)