Episode 6 is out! For she’s a jolly good fellow

Pallavi confesses and a new episode is out!

Good Monday everyone, 

And let me just put it out there, I really needed today to be a Sunday. In fact, I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday and then my brain kicked in. And kicked me out of bed. Also weirdly, I really like Mondays, it’s like the smell of freshly laundered sheets. A brand new week starting, all the potential for getting things done, it’s enough to make my project manager heart sing. So waking up with low energy on Monday makes me cranky. I want a reboot, Universe!

Any-hoo, since we no longer have time turners (they were all smashed in the Order of the Phoenix, remember?) I’m just going to have to soldier on. And what better way than announcing our new episode on self deprecation! It’s on all your favourite podcast apps and if you don’t see it, do make sure you are subscribed to our feed. Recording this episode reminded me of my MBA days where I would still be typing till two minutes before the deadline. And then spend the last two minutes attaching the file and sending the email. Hee…

And since this newsletter has become all about confessions, here’s one more. I haven’t been able to write the blog this week. Between house hunting and work deliverables and some unexpected all night partying (shhhhhh…), it just remained half written. Sigh! 

May I suggest however, that this is a brilliant opportunity to read some of our older blogs. All available on Medium. Do like, comment and share the posts that you like! Or write to us to tell us what resonated with you.

One more thing, this Thursday, 11th February at 7pm, we will go live on Instagram and talk about our reflections from the episode on self deprecation. Do mark your calendars and join us! Also our last live was on dating people in thinner bodies and had some interesting special effects. You will find it on our instagram handle, if you missed it, watch it! 

Suggestions for next live, questions, comments all welcome! You know where to find us! Respond to this mail, or email fatsopodcast@gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium. And definitely like, share, review, comment!

Much love and hugs and wishes for a great week, 

Pallavi (and Ameya)