Fat. So? podcast: what's new?

New blog, instagram live and more...

Hello there!

Another Monday! And the fact that we’ve already crossed the halfway mark for January is hitting home. Eeeek! Where does time go?

For us fatsos, last week was about sharing the 4th episode of Season 2, Shame, Shame, Puppy Shame. Haven't heard it yet? No better time than now! And while you’re at it, make sure to subscribe to the Fat.So? Podcast on your podcast app of choice. Episode 5 will be out this Sunday (the 24th), at the usual 5PM. So subscribe to stay updated! Also, do leave us a rating and review? And of course, share, share, share! 

In other news, Pallavi wrote a new blog post! We’re still talking about food, for the third week running. You can read all our blog posts over at Medium. We’ve covered a range of topics, friends, love, Lizzo, chips and more! Enjoy reading! 

Our latest Instagram live was also about food and eating--our personal experiences, the demons that remain, trying to heal the relationship with food and so much more. We go live every week, this week at 7pm on Thursday evening and would LOVE to see you there! This week we’re talking about “Learning not to hate your body.” Follow us on Instagram to tune in. Bring friends and family as well, OK?

We’d also really love it if you would send us suggestions for us to talk about and questions that you would like us to answer. You can DM us on our social media handles or write to us at fatsopodcast@gmail.com

And, just in case you missed it, we have our own website! It’s the one-stop shop for everything Fat. So?, including all the news articles we’ve been featured in,  where you can read more about the whys and hows of the podcast.

Till next week, folks! If you love the podcast, please like, share, review, comment, subscribe, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium and definitely SUBSCRIBE!

Love and hugs!

Pallavi and Ameya