Getting back into gear

In which Ameya pulls a Karen and also tells you about living with Pallavi

Best beloveds,

It’s Monday again. I would like to speak to someone about this ridiculous speeding of time! Surely there’s a manager I can call? No? Sigh.

Pallavi and I have settled into our new house—yay! We have also recorded the very first episode in the house! So exciting, and yet, given how badly soundproofed and sound dampened the rooms are, and given how much construction is going on all around us, I, as editor, am afraid… very afraid of how much cleaning I might have to do. Ah for the good old days of pitching up in a studio and then just stitching clips together…

Another lovely new thing about our lives is how we work out together now! Yes, that’s right, the amazing Akhilesh is also training P now, and we derive much amusement from coaxing him to use our names. So far he’s relented enough to say Pallavi ma’am and Ameya ma’am.

In fatso news, the blog is back! Woo! I mean… it hadn’t gone anywhere—I just didn’t manage to get mine done last time…

However! Here is a brand spanking new post for you! And now that we’ve got our shit together, you’ll be seeing more of us on Instagram too! In case you missed it, the episode on self work dropped last week.

We would also really love to hear from you. Please tell us if the newsletter is working! Do you want more chitchat? Do you want more links? Advice column? (Then you’ll have to ask us for advice heh.) Do you like us? Do you hate us? (As long as you feel strongly, we’re happy.)

And one final request: when you enjoy something we’ve made, could you please send it someone? Anyone! Just one person every time you like something we’ve made. It’s the only way we can make sure more people learn about things like fatphobia and how awesome we all are when we ignore our friend society the dick.

That’s it, that’s it.

Have a lovely week!


Ameya (& Pallavi)