Heal the World, new episode out!

New beginnings for Ameya and Pallavi!

Good day to you all, 

I hope the last week of February started well for all of you! I started it hungover. Again. And on a Monday, smh. You see I have been unpacking like a fury since last Wednesday. While that’s still bearable; I have also been supervising handymen. This is enough to send me into a fury several times a minute. So yesterday afternoon I decided I was done and went out for a few drinks which compounded to many more than I expected (hic). 

It was fun until I woke up this morning to cartons and a full work day. 

Moving on, you may have heard Meya and I speak about moving, packing and unpacking several times in the last few weeks. Wondering what’s going on? We decided to end the suspense and let you know - we decided to move in together!!! We were led to this by a series of synchronistic events and are both excited and nervous about the decision. I moved in already, last week while Meya enjoys a much deserved holiday. She moves in this weekend, and the adventure begins. What’s warmed my heart the most, I finally get to live with someone who fits into my clothes!!!!!


To the podcast now, our latest episode is out! It’s aptly called Heal the world, and here we are talking about what fat acceptance looks like. We spent the first half of Season 2 talking about guilt and shame and all those icky emotions. In these next episodes we are looking at acceptance and self work and navigating the world with that lens. In case you aren’t seeing the new episodes, please make sure you are subscribed to our new feed!

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Unfortunately, we have had to put our Instagram live schedule on hold till we get settled into our new space however, we should be back soon enough. So keep watching this space and in the meantime go look at some of our old lives and recordings! 

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Love and many hugs, 

Pallavi (& Ameya)