Hippocratic Oath or Hypocritic Oath, New Episode out!

Another lockdown, some raging and a birthday week!

Hello lovelies, 

I write this to you just as a week long curfew is being announced in Delhi and even though it’s expected, my heart plummets. Honestly, the curfew doesn’t impact my life drastically, just a few inconveniences. What bothers me is all the people who were just limping back to some manner of normal work lives and cash flow and who are being hurt once more. And all the people who are falling sick and having to suffer for it or scrambling to get their loved ones the right kind of care. I’m just praying and crossing everything that things get better, right now. Sigh...

This comes off of the back of our new episode where I rant almost the whole way through. We are talking about navigating the world of doctors and healthcare. Oooh, also, since we are in curfews and lockdowns across the country, maybe a good time to binge listen to all of Season 1 and Season 2!

Clearly everything “health” is on my mind because I’ve also written a blog over the weekend, about my medical insurance saga which you can read here. I went back to see some of the blogs I wrote last April and quite enjoyed this one on all the emotions I was feeling then. Also this blog by Meya which made me feel my heart go mush. 

The only one reason I am personally pissed at the curfew is it’s my birthday this Thursday, (bleddy). The silver lining, though, is I still get to celebrate it with Meya and some dear ones—so I can’t be that pissed after all. Helluva lot better than last year!

Anyway, I shall stop complaining and let you know that we have put up a real fun reel on Instagram that involves much dancing and booty shaking. Do watch and please like, comment, share and have others subscribe. Same with Twitter, Facebook, Medium and if you enjoy this newsletter do encourage one other person to sign up this week. Also we have a website and are available at fatsopodcast@gmail.com. Hee!

I shall leave you with the exciting news we got today that our podcast is featured in the Times of India weekly gender newsletter under the section “Seen and Heard”. It’s quite a cute write up and made me smile.

That’s all for now folks, I hope we all have a better week than we expect!


Pallavi (& Ameya)