Hold your head high, new episode out!

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Happy Monday lovely people, 

The Spring equinox has come and gone, the Sun is now in Aries and who knows what exciting movement we will begin to see. Ameya and I are getting our butts in shape—not just with our workouts but also by releasing our first ever reel. FINALLY, given we have been planning (Meya) and procrastinating (P) for almost 6 months! Therefore, definitely check out our Instagram and tell us what you think! Like, comment and share fo’ sure, hee. 

Also while on Instagram check out the trailer for our spanking new episode, “Hold your head high” that went out yesterday evening. Meya’s done a super job of editing an episode that is over 50 minutes long. Turns out that, despite having covered clothes and spaces last season in two separate episodes, we still have a lot to say about them. Especially, when we start talking about how we have learnt to navigate the choppy waters of a fat phobic world. And that’s what the episode is about: our experiences, coping strategies, survival tricks and other tips on how to be a fierce, rad fatty in a world that does not design clothes and spaces for us. 

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Also out is a new blog post inspired by a conversation I had with Ameya and her friend on how the world seems to be getting more polarised. My take on that is we aren’t accounting for the trauma people experience in breaking out of the mould—have a read and share thoughts! Another blog I revisited was this one and here’s one inspired by Taurus, whom I miss sorely now that I’m away from my parents’ home. 

That’s mostly the round up for this week, except I cannot but mention this fabulous article by Your Fat Friend (anonymous writer on many things fat). It was eye opening, made me furious, validated me and reassured me that we are on the right track with all our work on the podcast. All ingredients of a fabulous read, I say!

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Love and hugs, 

Pallavi (& Ameya)