How is it June already?!

#effyourbeautystandards, our first workshop and reels!

Hello gorgeous people, 

And seriously, how is it June already?! OK, we have one more day to go, but what is one day, these days, I ask you. When months are flying by faster than I can count, and I can barely see the weeks as they scurry past, one day is less than the blink of an eye, rn. Smh, is it just me? 

I guess I could mark the time by all the amazing stuff that’s happening. For example, we had our first workshop on Saturday and there are no words to express how intense it felt as our participants owned their strategies for mental health amidst fat phobia. It felt like a pat on the back for a journey I started in 2014, all by my lonesome Self, when I posted for the first time with the hashtag effyourbeautystandards. Wow, I get goosebumps thinking about it even now. This is more than I could have ever dreamed. And thank y’all for making this possible. 

Also we have another fabulous video release planned at the end of this week. Following us on YouTube yet? We’re also certain you are liking and sharing our reels, for example the one where you get to know whether Pallavi and Ameya have lovers ;) Or the one announcing this newsletter. Or this, our most watched AND liked reel. #selfpromotion but only because we have such fun making them—ok I correct myself, we work so hard at them :P

The red moon of last week had me feeling all kinds of judge-y and asking myself questions like “Who will invest in me?”, which you can read the answer to here. Also, definitely listen to our third episode from Season 1, where we further discuss judgement and our opinions on body positivity.

Our next workshop is going to be on “Dealing with Concern Trolls”. It’s on 26th June at 5PM and is going to be a fun one, fo’ sho. You can sign up for one workshop or you can sign up for the remaining series at a discounted rate. Write to us at

Also, as an end of May parting gift to us, share this newsletter or our social media pages with just one more person, please? We are on Instagram but also Twitter, Facebook, Medium and have a website!

As always, with love, 

Pallavi (& Ameya)