It's a jolly Holi-day

In which Ameya makes a meme

Best beloveds!

It is Monday, and yet! Here I am, still in my PJs, faffing about making memes. Don’t you just love a long weekend? Especially when the holiday is Monday. There’s something deliciously subversive about doing absolutely nothing on a Monday, the arbitrarily designated day on which to begin things. Plus, when the extra holiday is a Friday, you just end up partying all weekend, while getting a bonus day off after the weekend is over is just such a fabulous feeling.

So what have we been up to this past week?

Well, I made a reel! I did need to Google quite a bit to figure out how to control the text, and I forgot to put in any music, but still, I’m quite pleased with it. If you want more inspiration on different ways to wear saris, check these guys out. Both Pallavi and I have been wearing saris recently, and it made me think about how we see saris.

For so many fat women in India, salwar kameez and saris are our only real clothing option. And saris are for special occasions or old, frumpy people. Us fatsos are classified as frumpy by default (eyeroll), so I wonder if this makes us reluctant to wear saris? I know that it took me a long time to accept that when I wore a sari, even with a skimpy blouse, it was not going to look like all the thin women at the wedding—I would have rolls, one boob was going to fall out, there would be too few pleats and a very short pallu, and it was going to hike up on the back and/or sides. No matter what I did, I was not going to have that “iconic” sexy sari silhouette. At some point though, I realised that the same absence of representation in fashion we face everywhere else is true of saris too. Nobody is portrayed as stylish in a sari if she’s fat.

Well, Pallavi and I are here to change that.

I have finally reached a place where I dress to give myself joy, and I no longer care about what other people are wearing—even wrote a blog post about it. And it’s time to push that mindset over to saris too.

And that’s it for this week’s news. Did you catch the last episode? We talked about how we’ve learned to ask for and take what we need when it comes to clothes and spaces. Coming up this Sunday: we’re going to talk about dealing with family. Do write back and tell us how you feel about the podcast, the newsletter, the blog… anything really :) We really love hearing from you! And, of course, tell your friends about us.

Until next time!


Ameya (& Pallavi)