Mamma mia, here we go again, new episode out!

Time's a ticking, holidays and new favourite things!

Hello Wonderful people, 

My apologies on the lateness of this newsletter. Ameya and I took a trip to the hills and got back from it yesterday. And suddenly I find myself drowning in things to do! At home, at work, and it’s not like we ONLY day dreamed there either (rolls eyes). It usually takes me a day or two to feel like I need a holiday from having had a holiday but I was at that point in barely a few hours yesterday! I’ve felt for years that time seems to be speeding up but right now it feels like it’s whooshing past faster than I can comprehend. 

Note: “whoosh” is currently my favourite sound, stolen from our “therologer’s” recent blog post.

We released another episode this Sunday, and it is a continuation of the mini series on navigating the world as fatsos. This time it is all about family - how they mess us up, how it’s important to speak to them and some tips and tricks we’ve learnt. We would absolutely ADORE it, if you shared with us your tips and tricks!

I also realised that we are left with just two more episodes to go in this season! I can’t even… Perhaps you’ve been keeping track but when I realised it I was like whaaa…… where did that go... whoosssshhhh again!

Speaking of whooshes - I wrote a blog this weekend where I write about how the conflict around my body led to a whole other way of thinking, another form of whoosh (Ok, I’m going to stop now, hee). And as you stop by our blog do read some of the other gems we have there for you. Recently what’s been on my mind is some of the relationship stuff I wrote about in this one and this one.

I hope you are following us on Instagram because we’ve been doing some really fun stuff. Ameya made a hilarious meme, and our reels on how we wear sarees differently seem to have hit a sweet spot. On Ameya’s suggestion I (albeit resentfully) agreed to do a reel for the episode release, which has turned out to be quite awesome. Please don’t take my word for it - go see ‘em!!!!! And while there; do follow, like, comment, share (please pretty please!)

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Talk to us! I know that sounds needy, but the truth is it helps us understand what else to speak about, what content you like and gives us ideas for the future. Because Ameya and I have many plans, and when we hear from you it inspires, motivates and validates us!

That’s all for now folks! Have a wonderful week, stay safe and healthy in these crazy times!


Pallavi (& Ameya)