Monday moaning I mean morning

Ameya has thoughts on Mondays, and some great news to share

Greetings to you lovely people

Ah Mondays!

I never understood why people complained about them so much. And then I had a long time without regular 40-hour working weeks and forgot how to do it. So here I am, scrambling madly to keep up with work, fatso, social life, chores and rest. Kinda makes me want another Sunday. (Okay, I lie, I’m ready to retire. I’ll be 40 next year after all…)

Last week was lovely for me and fatso because Vogue India asked me to write about fat acceptance, based off the podcast!

It's hard to find words to describe how it feels to be allowed to have a voice, however brief its duration, for fat acceptance inside the holy annals of something like Vogue, given how the fashion industry treats people sized above 4. Please do read it, and write back to tell us what you thought! And, of course, tell all your friends!

Our episode on rejection came out last Sunday--have you had a chance to listen? If you missed it, make sure you're subscribed to our new feed (I know, I know we're like a broken record with this feed, but we want to make sure you get those episodes!) Google Podcasts has finally accepted us! Hooray!

Live on Instagram last week, Pallavi interviewed me on my journey to not hating my body, and, as usual, we discovered there’s a lot we don’t know about each other despite the podcast! We had some truly excellent questions too, so if you missed it, scoot on over and listen over your lunch break. Thirty minutes is all you need! And, of course, we welcome any questions you might have that we can answer, or talk about. Juusst reply here or slide into our DMs on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, OR email us at fatsopodcast at gmail! (And you know… like, follow, share… plzzzzz. Share this newsletter too if you like it!)

That's all the news right now (we've changed the blog schedule so you get that link next time). We'll be back next week!

Until then, I remain,

Your faithful fatso,

Ameya (& Pallavi)