New episode out, Fa(s)t Friends

End of Season 2, reels, trolls and much love!

Hello lovelies, 

We launched the last episode of Season 2 yesterday. It’s called Fa(s)t Friends and it’s all about what community means to us, and how we have found our little, still tenuous, and yet game changing community between Ameya and me and all of you. 

While we are sad the season is over, I have to admit feeling some relief as well. I mean the drama this season! We dug deeper than we ever knew possible in every single episode. Revealed some scary stuff publicly. There was also the whole relaunch from our own platform—which was harrowing till we did it and a constant source of joy since then. Also a lot of work for Ameya, who is our fabulous editor and tech Goddess! 

Do go listen—and and of course binge listen all our episodes from both seasons while you are at it!  For our Indian listeners, who are probably back to washing dishes and mopping floors (assuming you stopped between lockdowns of course), the rants will leave you with sparkling dishes—guaranteed! 

Also folks, we are making reels and they are surprising us with the response we are getting. And you know what happens when people talking about fat liberation get responses, dontcha? Mmmm…. Hmmmm…. Trolls happen…. Yay! Whee! BleddyFackerz…. And so I wrote another blog post about them, the first one being this. The interesting thing for me is my personal growth between blogs and the proof is that one of them actually became a friend and follower; another agreed to read health at every size. Not too shabby, eh?

Well, I at least see this as a little dose of hope in this current madness that is our human existence. And I shall leave you at that and hope that if you have enjoyed this newsletter you will share with at least one friend—come on now, scroll down, click share, send to friend… No email ID? No problem, you can send it through other apps. 

You can follow us on Instagram but also Twitter, Facebook, and Medium. We have a website and can be reached on We’re going to be doing loads of stuff before Season 3 (ahemm, so the Trello plan says). So keep your eyes on us, we know we already have your hearts… <3

Lots of Love, 

Pallavi (& Ameya)