New Things!

Workshops coming up and a bad mood...

Hello beautiful people, 

My Monday feels sucky. But then out of the blue on a whim, I called someone I consider a guide. And it was so wonderful to connect and wish for each other’s well being that the clouds seem to have lifted from my heart. I hope all of you and your loved ones are well. Also sending the warmest of hugs for those who are grieving, feeling a sense of loss or just like me feeling like my brain is a swamp. 

Anyhow, to better news! We have a series of workshops coming up. They're all about dealing with different aspects of the world as fat people. We’re delighted at the sign ups so far and hope for more! We’ve been interacting with so many of you lately through our social media channels. And it is validating our collective need to learn from and empower each other. Our intent is that you leave the 2 hour session with the tools and the community. (We’re ambitious you all!)

The first workshop is on dealing with mental health, given how relevant it is in these times and will kick off the series on Saturday 29th May, 5pm. Write to us or DM us for more information. We have exciting offers on doing multiple workshops as well as a little incentive to bring friends!

I wrote a blog on all the zillion thoughts that went through my head having had the vaccine. And it brought back to mind this blog by Meya and this other one I wrote last year. 

Trigger Warning eating disorders

Recently there has been news about Tess Holliday talking about her eating disorders and all of the backlash she has faced. More than anything else, this indicates to me how important fat liberation is. I always say that my first step into this alternative universe of being a rad fatty was through the portal of body positivity. However, that serves a limited purpose and there’s so much more we need to do to really get to being peaceful with our bodies. If you have the resources then do have a read.

I leave you now, and as always do follow us on Instagram but also Twitter, Facebook, Medium. We have a website and can be reached on Watch out for another exciting announcement next week and get to emailing us about the workshop!


Pallavi (& Ameya)