Out and About: Episode 5, Nobody’s Baby

Links to the new episode and blog post, plus find out what’s happening on Instagram live this week

Hello everyone, 

And those of you who live in Delhi, or in cold places, I hope you are all warm and cozy. 

Today was a particularly foggy day; it reminded me of the Dementor mist in Harry Potter. However, unlike the Dementor mist it did not suck all the happiness out of us, because… drum roll... Episode 5 dropped today! 

After some deliberation, we’ve called it “Nobody’s Baby.” We’ve also written by far our most interesting introduction for this episode, which also refers to mists, of the stinky variety. 

Do listen as we rage about and console each other about moments of rejection in our lives and discuss how we take the sting away. Also, in case you haven’t yet, do subscribe to the new Fat. So? Podcast feed on your favourite podcast app. Given it’s a new feed we need your help to amplify it, so if you like, nay love, the podcast, leave us a rating and a review and definitely SHARE, share, share!

As always we have a line up of things this week. For starters, read today’s blog post by the fabulous as always Ameya. 

And while you are there read some of our older blog posts as well! We have some interesting ones from Ameya on Adele and Peppy Chips and what to say to a fat woman you are dating. Also the ones where Pallavi tries to get philosophical about excel functions, talks about how walking her dog changed her life and wonders whether she’s hard to love

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Before we leave you, we would love to remind you to join us on Instagram live. This week, it’s on Thursday at 7pm, and it’s Pallavi’s turn to interview Ameya on her journey to not hating her body. If you missed the last one,  you can watch Ameya walk Pallavi through the same journey

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See you next week lovelies, 

Pallavi (& Ameya)