Restarted! Fat.So? Season 2

Episode 4 available in the new Fat. So? podcast feed!

Hello again!

We are so chuffed!

We got Season 2 back up with Episode 4, “Shame, shame, puppy shame”. This second season has been really interesting for us fatsos with our diving deeper into the emotional and mental health aspects of being fat. After Season 1, and how we’ve grown (Season 2, Episode 1), we weren’t expecting to have that much to unpack - but it turns out we DO! 

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Once you’re done listening, you don’t have to wait two weeks for more Fat. So? content because we have a new blog post today, as we do every Monday, and all posts are available on Medium. As it usually happens in our synchronous fatso world, we’ve been writing about eating for two weeks straight. Last week it was Pallavi with intuitive eating and this week it’s Ameya with compulsive eating. So much talk around food, bright and early in 2021. 

Another thing we’re doing is insta lives every week! We’re going to experiment with a few different days and times. This week we’re doing Saturday at 7PM. We love questions and suggestions, in fact we NEED them, heh. So, if you have a topic you want us to discuss or questions you want to ask just DM us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or e-mail us ( 

Exciting times! And honestly, we’re just so delighted we’ve got our podcast back up! Oooohhhh, that reminds us, we need to ask you to share, share, share; like, comment and share! 

Before we go: we had an incredible launch party on Google Meets last evening. It warmed us up and made us so toasty we may not need any heater for the rest of Delhi’s winter. We had some absolutely wonderful suggestions that we’re going to get working on, including validation on what we’ve got planned for Season 3, (shhhh….) We also had special moments where folks told us how we were part of their daily routines or how our voices made them aware of the possibility that they could change the way they saw their own bodies. MELT!

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Pallavi & Ameya