The heat is on

As winter vanishes, our lives are getting more hectic, but we still got a blog post for you!

Best beloveds,

What a week it was.

Early this year I started a new job, and, let me tell you friends, joining a remote job, remotely is not easy. I mean, you can’t turn around and ask the person behind you what to do. You don’t have time around people to pick up when bossman is kidding and when colleague is being shitty and when you can push back on people. So a steep learning curve there, and projects being tossed at me meant that I was kinda like Stevie up there…

It doesn’t help that I’m moving this month! And I foolishly decided to take a trip the week before the weekend I have to move.

This is why we had no live last week, and we are sorry about that! One question though: do y’all like them? We could also just do (much shorter) videos that cover the topic, since it looks like most of you watch the lives later anyway. Let us know? You can reply to this or, of course, slide into our DMs. And if you want some video entertainment, mosey on over to the early days of Girl Talk videos (and forgive our awful production values…)

I did, however, find the time to write y’all a nice ragey frothing-at-the-mouth blog post about a deeply fatphobic article in the BBC about a deeply fatphobic phenomenon: the “obesity is a disease” shtick. I swear I can feel my BP rising again as I just think about it!

In other news, the brilliant Substantia Jones, who we adore, is running a Valentine’s series (NSFW because apparently nudes are evil, but here’s her Instagram with photos that work for their community guidelines) which is a really beautiful place to start looking at fat bodies photographed and presented with love and respect.

And that’s it from us this week!

Watch out for the next episode that drops on Sunday, and, please do tell your friends about us! If you like what we do, help us build this community up big and strong!


Ameya (and Pallavi)