Work in Progress, new episode out!

Settling in and falling in love!

Good Monday to all you lovely people, 

And can I just begin by saying I am falling (or rising) in love. This home that Ameya and I are building together just gets more beautiful every single day! From accommodating all our stuff, to gorgeous walls, to happy plants in the garden, to Ameya herself and the kitty cats, everyday offers something new for my heart to soar. I am this happy after a very long time and savouring every moment of it. I am so exuberant that I need to be a little careful of my stories on Instagram, already I’m being told I need to go easy on every second one being about cats. 

Back to gushing though, I feel like the Universe is making up to me for the last few years and I am LETTING IT ALL IN!!! You’ll understand why I use shouty capitals when you read my latest blog on Unpacking! Also interesting and sadly still relevant, especially given the whole COVID-weight stuff floating around, is this post that I wrote exactly a year ago on stereotypes. And even more exciting for me, now that I have started working out with Ameya and her trainer is how this journey of finding my movement is progressing. 

In other news, our latest episode, Work in progress is out! This one is really close to my heart, and sort of a “coming out” for me where we talk about self work and how doing this has helped us in our journeys. As with many things, Ameya and I come at it from different perspectives and yet the basics remain the same. This was a difficult episode to edit, and even then it ended up being 50 mins long! That is testament to the emotions that went into this discussion! Do listen, share and let us know what you think? Also just in case this isn’t showing up in your feed, make sure you are subscribed to our channel!

We’ve been a bit slow and silent with our posts and other happenings but hopefully with things settling down so nicely, we will have our mojo back and get cracking on all the fun content ideas we’ve been planning to do! In the meantime, check out @fatarthistory on Instagram. I find some of the posts really insightful on how fat phobia has developed over the years.

I shall leave you to what I hope turns out to be an enjoyable week. Do share this newsletter with friends. Also share us with others on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium. We would love to hear from you on or any other social media channel. You inspire us to keep going! 

Big hugs from this fatso, 

Pallavi (& Ameya)