You guys are killing people with your filthy plus size lies. Get your stinkin’ fat butt off that damn couch and fuckin’ work out! Stop being so stubborn and stop listening to your body, it is making you ugly and fat. All you do is sit down and eat eat eat, then when you get a (Ding Ding Ding!) REALITY BLAST IN YOUR FACE! You are fat, someone says it, or it’s that diet commercial or a revolutionary weight loss treatment, you get defensive and make excuses for your weight. Why don’t you tell us why you are obese? Exactly, because you are a stupid lazy sloth who does nothing but eat and watch Tv all day and when you know you should lose weight you hide behind body positivity which just is a way to cover up your bad choices. Good obese people lose weight, JUST regular fatties stay fat, and hide behind your stupid HAES just to hide the fact you are obese.

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" I have to admit that I seem to have made great progress with healing my relationship with food, since I felt no great desire for binges, and when I thought omg I want this thing that I haven’t wanted in forever, and I sat with it, it faded away as an echo of the panic diets used to cause in me."

So much this. I hadn't even realized, but when I stopped trying to lose weight, I not only stabilized my weight (attempting to be thin invariably made me fatter), I ended my binging habits without even trying. When I read this, it occurred to me I haven't really binged in years, and when I do crave something I used to binge on, I end up losing interest very quickly. Another thing to throw up into my fat-phobic father's face when he gives me crap about having given up dieting.

Thanks for the trigger to self-realization!

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