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In which we make videos, and ask for your help

Best beloveds!

What a wonderful day it is in Delhi today, with the sun shining brightly and the world washed clean after our sudden time travel into the monsoon last week. My AC is still off, and the sun is not hot enough—yet—to make me mutter about summer. And the humidity is thankfully under 40, so I don’t want to rip my skin off. I’ve got that whole cocktails in the sunshine feeling—but it’s Monday so maybe I should snap out of it?

Last week was a very exciting week chez Fatsos! For one, I learned to edit video! The result of that extremely frustrat—I mean useful process is here, our first proper video made for our YouTube channel! Please watch, like, share, subscribe and, of course, tell us (or the world) you what you think!

Second, as Pallavi and I have been sharing photos and reels, we’ve noticed a recurring theme around clothes. Y’all seem to love our clothes. Thank you!

We thought it would be interesting to understand how you guys find your clothes, and what you think about what is available for you. So we made a survey! Please take it? Please also share with other people you know, so we get LOTS OF DATA and can get a solid sense of how people are served when it comes to clothes, personal style and size in India. We definitely hear a lot anecdotally, but it would be nice to have some hard data. So, again, please send to friends and family and people you know? Thank you!

I also wrote a blog post on Saturday where I talked about the dreaded topic of menstruation, to say, among other things, that there is nothing dreaded about it (except for the poor women who have to live it) and we really need to stop being so silly about both periods in particular and women’s reproductive health in general.

And, in case you somehow missed it, starting 29 May, we’re running workshops! We’ve still a few places left, so sign up quick! Just reply to this or send us an email fatsopodcast at gmail.com for more details.

Well today’s edition has been CHOCK full of things for you to read and do and watch, so I shall end here with the usual plea that you tell more people about what we do! Forward this newsletter! Send them to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Even our website! Best of all though, send them to the podcast itself. Go on, just one person. Hit that forward button, you know you want to :D


Until next time!

We remain,

yours faithfully,

Ameya (& Pallavi)